Why choose C to C?



Concept to completion - C to C can take your idea, your message, from the initial concept, through all shooting and recording requirements, through all editing and post-production requirements through to final copies or files needed.

Pre-Production - You are working with producers with decades of experience in designing, writing, shooting and editing with the latest and most advanced tools. C to C can suggest the best approach to communicate your message to your target audience.


Production - C to C has in house multiple format cameras, lighting, sound and support gear so your production is not waiting on rental availability schedules.

Post-Production - C to C has in-house multiple HD and SD digital edit suites with the latest editing and effects software, terabytes of space and experienced editors.

Replication and duplication - C to C can produce 1000's of copies of your final production disk or export your final productions in any digital file format.

Crew - more important than the huge number of tools available is having the right people to use them.