There are usually four main factors that influence the cost of a production.

Preproduction - Questions to be answered here include: How many preproduction meetings? How much scheduling is up to us? How much training if any will we need to understand the subject matter? Are we writing the script? Will there be testimonials and interviews as part of the process? How long should the final video be?

Production - How many locations for shooting are needed? Where are they? Depending on the proposed length and the script we may have to be at certain locations for multiple days. Is this to be shot in HD high definition or SD standard definition? Are there special shooting considerations like using a green screen, specific lighting requirements, specific sound recording requirements, or the need for multiple cameras simultaneously?

Post Production - Again length of the final production influences this greatly. How many effected shots like keys? How many composite images combining animations and graphics?   How much other material must be converted or digitized? Will there be music and will we be supplying it and the license for use? How many narrators are needed?Will specific audio processing be required? Will alternate language versions be required? Will we be supplying transcription of interviews, translations of interviews and selecting the specific excerpts?

Distribution - How many copies? On DVD, CD, VHS?, BetacamSp for broadcast? A High Def format? Will the final approved video be distributed on the web and if so what is the desired file format? What kind of packaging and additional design is needed? What kind of   case or box is it going into and are we mailing it, couriering it or web posting it?

Usually C to C meets with you and discusses these questions. Drawing on our over 20 years of experience we then come up with a brief treatment as to what we understand to be the message of the video and how we would approach the production and a detailed cost breakdown reflecting these variables and what it will cost to produce the video.