C to C uses HD and SD gear in different sizes and types.



  • Cannon 60 D DSLRS with 1920x1080 full HD video
  • HDV - Sony V1 and HC3.  
  • DVCAM - Sony DSR130 and PD150.
  • BetacamSP - Sony D30 or 537/   BVW50 BetacamSP. 
  • Sachtler, Manfrotto, o'Connor tripods, 6 and 12 foot jibs .

Edit Suites

  • Apple multi-core based HD and SD Multi-monitor Final Cut Studio equipped suites fed by Red, HD, DVCAM, DV, BetacamSP, Betacam, ¾", S-VHS decks, with SD and HD monitoring.
  • Sony linear based machine-to-machine available for transfers and exports.



  • Apple and PC exporting of files, in house DVD, CD, ROM multi-burner towers.
  • Multiple inkjet surface to disk printers.
  • Recording to multiple broadcast tape formats.


As well as extensive pro audio, lighting, and grip gear to serve every video production need.